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Dr. Gawrysz: Board Certified, Anti-Aging Specialist in Chicago.

My mission is to bring treatment to every patient with compassion, open communication, respect, and the highest quality of medical care – especially in fields related to anti-aging, including medical weight loss.

I believe strongly that a patient has a number of rights when it comes to medical care, including competency, privacy and the right to the complete medical information. My patients understand why a procedure is performed, why certain tests or treatments are necessary and exactly what the results indicate.

I take time to explain the patient’s medical conditions to them and encourage questions. My patients can discuss any subject with me and receive my full attention and confidentiality.

As a family practitioner who serves patients of any age, I also stress prevention in my medical practice. I educate my patients about the importance of regular physicals, health screenings and proper nutrition and supplementation. There is much merit in the old saying: „An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.


"Tempora mutamur et nos mutamus in illis" ("Times change and we change in them")

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Polish-American Medical Society
Jagiellonian University in Krakow
Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine
American Board of Physician Specialties
American Academy of Family Physicians

Patient Testimonials

"I was very sick. I lost about 80 % of my hair and I was very depressed with no energy to live or do anything. I spent a lot of money to go from doctor to doctor and no results. My symptoms were worse from day to day. I got doctor Gawrysz from Yellow Pages. After a just couple visits and few simple tests I am getting not just better -I am healthy. I got all my hair back_(gorgeous-healthy, thick). No depression, full of live. Dr. Gawrysz is not just a doctor. He is a very caring, educated, live saver. I am highly recommending him for everyone."
"I am a pre-medical student and was both treated by and given the opportunity to shadow Dr. Gawrysz. He is not the only doctor that I have shadowed, and I have to say that his bedside manner topped all of the others. He asks key questions and creates a calm environment welcoming the patient to remember any outstanding symptoms or questions he/she may have had. I also watched Dr. Gawrysz perform a couple of Botox injections aesthetically and with a steady hand. I would highly recommend Dr. Gawrysz as a primary care physician to anyone."
"He is always there for me. He is available 24 hours 7 days a week. He spends more than 30 mins with me every time. He listens to me and always gives great advises. He is nice and kind. He is my favorite doctor."
P. U.
"Although a vegetarian for many years, my cholesterol level was well above the 200 mark. My initial visit consisted of a thorough medical examination and lab work. After discussing my and my family's medical history, Dr. Gawrysz evaluated my eating habits and my life style. Since I did not want to take medication to treat my high cholesterol (most common treatment), Dr. Gawrysz suggested I make changes in my diet and increase the level of my activity. He suggested I eliminate saturated fats and include more fruits, vegetables, and fiber in my meals. I started working out as well. I am happy to report that in just a short month or two, my overall cholesterol is below the 200 mark and the workouts leave me with an abundance of energy. In essence, I feel great. I was impressed with Dr. Gawrysz's medical knowledge... he is a caring physician with a pleasant disposition. I would highly recommend his services. "
J. R.
"I visited Dr. Gawrysz for a routine medical treatment. Dr. Gawrysz has always treated me in a friendly and professional manner. The appointments were quick, informative, and educational, and Dr. Gawrysz was very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. "
"I want to say thank you to dr. Gawrysz. I had a lot of problems with hormones. I'm young, so I was very frustrated by this fact. Dr. Gawrysz is first and only one doctor who was able to help me. Now, I feel great and over control. He is very knowledgeable and available."
P. U.
"We want to tell you how much we feel blessed to have a physician and family practice that cares... The human side of medical practice, and the layers of compassion...and yes, competence, and above all hope to alleviate suffering-when your days are long and weary, remember the patient to whom a cheerful greeting, the new treatment plan, the care and attention and diligence, helped this patient not to give up in the face of adversity. We, your patients, honor this effort, today and always. "
Anonymous with blessing---!

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Identical hormones to our native hormones that are used in entirety by our body.

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We respect your privacy.
Absolutely NO sharing of information with third parties.